Ama Larbi

Doing it for Ghana.

Ama is a writer and filmmaker from Atlanta, GA (ok fine, Alpharetta if you want to be technical). She has on-set experience working as a PA, AD and Director on a host of independent productions. The daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, she hails from a large family scattered across the globe. Due to this, travel is an extensive part of her life with many of her summers being spent visiting family in various countries. These experiences helped shape her worldview and ultimately fed her desire to create works that illuminate global perspectives and experiences.

Ama has spent most of her life chasing after her dreams figuratively and literally. Her talents on the track led her to a track scholarship at The Georgia Institute of Technology where she studied Psychology. Her desire to understand the human experience only helped strengthen her skill as a writer. The pull to create was so strong that it saw Ama spending many of her days writing and creating even during class/lectures. 

Ama aspires to utilize her art as activism to encompass her passion for education, entertainment and the betterment of the human experience.