In March of 2019, six creatives came together to launch an organization to help filmmakers of color in Atlanta build a collaborative community beyond the screen. Since then, select members of Film Family have taken on leadership roles on the Governing Board, which oversees the day-to-day operations of Film Family.


Shaun Mathis

Director, Writer, Producer

Shaun Mathis is a Film Family co-founder. Shaun serves as the co-president of Film Family and manages the organization's budget and member dues.


Victoria Renee

Director, Writer, Producer

Victoria Renee is a Film Family

co-founder. She is responsible for building the foundation for Film Family and creating a community beyond the screen.

De'Narius Allen

De'Narius Allen

Director of Photography, Graphic Designer, Grip

De'Narius Allen is a Film Family co-founder. He manages the Film Family social media accounts and promotes members and their projects.


Miranda Clay

Writer, Script Supervisor

Miranda Clay is a founding board member who oversees Film Family's calendar of events and meeting.


Shaquayla Mims

Director, Writer, Producer

Shaquayla Mims is a Film Family co-founder. She oversees the strategic vision and mission of the organization as the Film Family co-president.


Etta East

Director, Writer, Producer

Etta East is a Film Family co-founder and the catalyst for the formation of the organization. Etta oversees Film Family's brand partnerships and philanthropic efforts.


Glenn Callwood

BTS Photographer, Producer

Glenn Callwood is a Film Family

co-founder and captures all of Film Family's meeting and social events.


Ama Larbi

Director, Writer, Producer

Ama Larbi is a founding board member of Film Family. She manages member communications and provides administrative support to the organization.